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Do you know when BVB is going to announce their opening act/s?

For their North American tour? I haven’t heard anything , but I assume it would be a month or two before the tour (: If anyone else has any information, feel free pop into the ask box! x

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So I know from your personal you are interested in tons of cool fandoms. But which one for you is like Bae? The one that you hold dear in your heart and the one that you call home

oh god. uuuum. it’s so hard to decide. i think it might have to be Lord of the Rings. I watch it most often, and I know most about the legendarium. Yeah, yeah, I’d have to say LotR. It’s my main bae (:

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Any selfies? And how old are you? #notbeingcreepy #curiousbecauseilovethisblog

i have several selfies under the selfie tag of my personal! and i’m 21. (: and it’s never creepy to ask! it’s nice that you’re curious, and i’m happy you love the blog! <3 <3

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Do you have any admins? If so, who are they?

i do not. the only admin for the blog is me (:

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What's going on w/ Andy and his new project??? I don't get it???

As far as I understand, it’s simply a side project for Andy to explore new and different music that he wants to make, separate from the band. We’ve been told that it will not interfere with BVB, so I assume he’s doing it in whatever off-time he’s got. 

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my friends make fun of me for listening to bvb what do I do

save this picture to your phone and every time they do it from now on just show it to them 

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