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I don't know how many people tell you this, but your blog is awesome. And you are one of few who tag their work. And I greatly appreciate that. Sometimes I need to know what's going to happen, so I don't start again. All your work is amazing. Keep writing, darlin. :-)

thank you so much, darling! this is v v kind, and i really appreciate it. i saw so many people doing obnoxious things with their blogs, so i strive to do all i can to make this one as easy, accessible, and safe as possible for everyone! (: thank you so so much again for your nice comment! xX

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Black Veil Brides will be heading out on tour this fall with Falling In Reverse, Set It Off, and Drama Club. Check out dates on the flyer above or below.

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is there a way to submit on mobile? i voted on my phone and took the screenshot on it.

I’m no expert on finding stuff on mobile, so I’ve edited the post and linked the submit box! you can find the link in the first paragraph where it says SUBMIT (: just follow the link, select submit a photo, and you should be set! thanks, doll!! :D xx

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Want a personalized short of you and your fave BVB member? Vote for me here!  →

Vote for me here to get a personalized short with you and your fave BVB member! Simply go to the link, hit the “Vote for Mandie” button, screenshot the “Thanks for voting for Mandie” for proof, and then SUBMIT it here with your name, preferred member, and plot (if you want something specific)! :D


  • I will post the shorts here on the blog unless you otherwise ask me to. If you would like the short sent to your inbox, please let me know and have your submission box open! :)
  • These are SHORTS, not full-length imagines. Shorts are anywhere from 3-6 paragraphs.
  • You can vote for this once a day until September 30th, so depending on the number of people who send in for shorts, you may be eligible for more than one! [NOTE: If you vote once a day and want more than one short, you will be required to send in multiple proofs of voting. For example, screenshot the “Thanks for voting for Mandie” in a different size/shape/etc.] [[I will hand out multiple personal shorts at my discretion depending on how much volume I get, and multiples will be pushed to the back of the line until I finish all the first-time voters!]]
  • [EDIT]: You can vote once a day on both mobile and computer, equalling two votes! Feel free to do so and I will love you forever!! ^.^

Guys. I cannot even express how much this would mean to me. My best friend and I are super into the band atm and we would love to get a chance to go to their concerts and meet and hang out with them ((: It takes about 5 seconds of your day, and you get a personalized short out of it! What’s not to love?! [bribe what bribe this isn’t a bribe i’m not begging except yes to all those thing]

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to writing for you guys!

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i can confirm bvb are touring with falling in reverse this tour

^^! seems like anon has the lowdown guys. it would make sense, considering they’re doing the halloween show with them. 

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