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Snuggle (Andy)

You groaned, rolling over onto your stomach as the pain in your abdomen suddenly seemed to double. You slammed your head repeatedly into your pillow, quiet whiffs of the cologne that was usually a comfort invading your nose and making you nauseated. 

"Why?" you whispered to yourself. "Why was I born a girl?"

"Because I’m not into guys." 

You turned your head, frowning. “I didn’t hear you get back.”

Andy pushed off the doorframe and walked over to the bed you shared, sitting on the edge and placing a gentle hand on your back. “All right?” he asked.

"Oh, sure," you responded sarcastically. "Just dying from the inside."

Andy looked mildly uncomfortable for a moment before he laid down beside you, kissing you on the forehead. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “Wanna go snuggle under the heated blanket? We could watch Batman?” 

"…Can we have hot chocolate?" you mumbled.

"Anything you want," he assured.

"…And can we watch Kick Ass instead?" You pushed out your lower lip, widening your eyes. 

Andy chuckled. “Kick Ass it is.”

"…And will you carry me?" 

Andy laughed this time, pulling you to him. Your back was pressed tightly up against his chest, and you felt one of his warm hands snake around and rest against your abdomen. He weaved his hand under your shirt and began rubbing gentle circles on your skin. You sighed, closing your eyes as some of the tension left your body. You felt his lips kiss the top of your head once, twice, again. 

"Come on," he whispered, sliding off the bed. He gathered you in his arms, holding you tightly to his chest and walking towards the door. You smiled up at him, hands cuddled up to your chest. "Let’s go fire up the blanket and DVD player."

"And the microwave!" you reminded him, grinning.

He nodded. “And the microwave.”

You sighed again, resting your head on his chest and closing your eyes. The gentle movement of his body as he walked was nearly as relaxing as his hand against your stomach, and with each step towards the couch, you felt a little better.

- - -

(for anon; written by moi.)

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30 notes

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